practice: Design should have inherent meaning, material presence, clear formal intent and beautiful spatial resolution. our design process is iterative and our process allows for a unique outcome for every project. Our design methodology is premised on realising the highest potential of every project, achieving high quality outcomes, and celebrating rather than fighting against constraints. We work across scales large and small, and whether it be our residential work, school extensions or landscape interventions and connections to gardens, all are celebrated. From large feasibilities challenging new modes of habitation to small bin enclosures (yes we have) and bespoke joinery pieces. We eschew a predetermined aesthetic or self-conscious fashion for a considered and timeless outcome which enriches our practice research.

process: We meet early to develop the brief, analyse cost implications, and develop strategies that are tested against budget constraints. We seek to understand our clients; their unique passions, their brief and ideas, then  take those elements and present our aesthetic and formal design intentions, producing sketches and physical or virtual models, accompanied by plans or fly-throughs. Life-cycle costs, sustainable building and services design and streamlined detailing based on construction standards are also considerations and we collaborate where required to get the very best development options and cost advice . Our documents are well-read, thumbed through, sketched over and drawn upon to progress the design and manage costs right through to completion.