Project Details Lantern House is a partial restoration and addition to a unique terracotta-roofoed post-war Edwardian heritage cottage in Brunswick.
  • DATE : 2021
  • SITE AREA : 400m2
  • LOCATION : Brunswick
  • Photographer : mcmahon and nerlich


Project Info

Dilapidated and with extremely poor foundation conditions, the brief called for a loving restoration of the existing front rooms with underpinning, repointing, new double glazing and insulation. The design converts the rooms on the cold south side of the dwelling into service areas, in order to open up the new addition to beautiful north light. A modern 2-storey extension, was negotiated through the stringent local heritage controls, separated from the main house by a glazed link. The textural equitone-clad first floor addition appears to hover over the glazed ground floor rooms, jettying-out to the north and west to preserve garden space and provide sunshading. The formal concept arose through the expression of the structure as a grid through which forms shift, rake in or cantilever out. These steel beams and columns are clad in timber, and timber and skylights are used as a feature throughout. “The Lantern” – a double-height glazed dining room that links ground floor with first floor, serves an upper level mezzanine and bedroom wing, bringing controlled east, north and west light deep into the heart of the dwelling.

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Project Presentation.

IMG_8383 copy

Plan and sketches of the project.

w1913 hall st pl 1
w1913 hall st pl g
w1913 hall st pl s
w1913 hall st sec f
w1913 hall st sec h
w1913 hallst pl r
05 bath pg front .effectsResult
5 kitchliving .effectsResult
7 pantry .effectsResult
10 stair.effectsResult
11 fireplace.effectsResult
14 exterior .effectsResult