the tower motel


In this 3-element design, a light-grey cube-shaped building and glass box to its side are aligned to the street. The cube is visually anchored to the ground with a stone base and canopy over. The glass box defines the corner and floats over the stone entry steps from street level. A timber pergola with climbing vines slides over both, defining the entry path into the building at ground level,  highlighting the connection to the broader regions’ viticultural origins, and helping to connect the building with the surrounding landscape.

A large feature glazed window seat activates the front window and a large terrace with a half-glass balustrade to the roof deck allows clear views to the landscape. By using the pergola to help define pedestrian zones, and to ameliorate the overly strong existing roof form and frame of the 70s motel behind it, the new design with three simple gestures of box, glazed wall and pergola provide a reinvigorated built form relationship for the motel to the street and an exciting contribution to the building and social fabric of Marysville.

  • Location; Marysville, Victoria
  • Site Area; 750m2
  • Photographer; mcmahon and nerlich
  • Year; 2014