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st kilda craft house

The clients came to us with a love of St Kilda and of their Edwardian brick residence. they had an incredibly tight budget but lots of energy. The rooms functioned as closed cells yet the interior retained a memory of a grander past through remnants of timber detailing. There was potential for unlocking a more spatial relationship to its different parts.

A first floor addition is clad in horizontal timber battens which return to become a privacy screen to the north, the material palette reinterpreting the crafted integrity of the original. The roof inclines up and out, sitting as a timber jewel against the tiled gable. The interior is strategically remodelled to provide a new zoned kitchen and dining linked with the family room, an en-suite and robe for the master bedroom, and upstairs a study with a playroom, bathroom and balcony for the kids’ bedrooms. The ceiling gently curves to match the roof gradient.

A few key gestures have transformed the house into a home of space, light and connectedness, transcending the sum of its parts

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