frame terrace


The project is conceived with respect for the existing building and the context. The project forms part of the practice’s research into ways to update historic built fabric to today’s conceptual and functional needs while maintaining an essence of the original building. Part of the challenge is to obtain approval in a contested inner city context. The front façade of the house is updated with new colour only. Inside the ground floor the two front rooms are retained as conceptually separate spaces. New incisions allow interconnection between the rooms and the entrance hall without the rooms losing their individuality. To the first floor the front room is retained as the main bedroom with a freestanding joinery introduced to improve the proportions of the room with new bedrooms forming the traditional split-level first floor to the south. The ground floor combined kitchen and living zone is boldly contemporary, opening full-height and width to frame the rear garden with striking floor to ceiling glazed sliding doors. The threshold between the contemporary space of the new living zone and the formal front rooms is framed and connected through the framing effect of the light court, servant spaces and kitchen joinery.

We worked closely with the existing building. As much of the existing structure as possible was retained for sustainability reasons, but also to maintain the link to existing building and the spatial qualities of traditional rooms. Contemporary spaces sit behind and over the retained spaces. New spaces and built form are clothed in a stealthy dark skin when viewed from the rear web of interconnecting laneways. The roof-like rear expression is grafted on to the existing house form, conceptually minimising the formal presence of the added floor area and encapsulating the new upper level internal and external living zones.

  • Location; Albert Park, Victoria
  • Site Area; 240m2
  • Photos; Edo & Co, superk
  • Year; 2016
  • Awards;
  • 2017 TIDA High Commendation, Architect Designed House