elizabeth st warehouse


elizabeth st warehouse is a contemporary office conversion of a red brick warehouse building in the heart of the north part of Melbourne’s CBD. Located next to our City Gable, the design maximises its impact on the streetscape through a considered reworking of the facade, creating a new and layered architectural language of recessed, protruding and sky-windows united by the black steel fames anchoring them to the facade.

A new lobby is created at the east end, providing flexibility to the tenancy options and creating a vertical spatial connection that connects visually to the sky. A timber stair adds warmth to the material palette,  verticality is enhanced through the stainless steel balustrade,  and a glazed lift builds on the architectural language established by the facade, building a patterned layering of reflections of light, the sky and the facade within.

  • Location; Melbourne CBD
  • Site Area; 550m2
  • Photographer; Gallent Lee
  • Year; 2019