buddhist temple

The subject site is located in the Green Wedge Zone with a Signifcant Landscape Overly.The site approach alone Taylors Road provides a pleasant treed character with some substantial Eucalypts within the road reserve. These trees provide a sense of threshold upon entering the site. Within the site itself there are a number of signicant redgum trees that are protected under the Signcant Landscape Overlay.

An existing residence and an array of sheds and informal outbuildings are spread across the site. The new temple complex is proposed to be made up of a number of separate buildings with landscaping between as well as an landscaped external car parking area. This network of interconnecting pedestrian paths will be beautifully landscaped and can serves as a filter to ameliorate and transform the experience of moving between the buildings. This movement, and the placement of the buildings in the landscape, together serve to contribute to the meditative experience of the temple.

A two-stage process, ultimately the temple complex will contain a stand alone temple building
, canteen and associated kitchen
, expanded monk’s residence, a small function/meeting space suitable for holding religious instruction particularly for children, and an open landscaped area for outdoor activities