Rosamond Townhouses


The design of Rosamond Townhouses increases density while responding sensitively to the urban and landscape character of the neighbourhood. The accommodation is proposed to provide accessibility in excess of the Livable Homes Platinum standard. It is anticipated that the townhouses will be suitable to be used for Specialist Disability Accommodation and to be eligible for funding under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Exceeding the Platinum standard of the Livable Homes has many benefits for any future residents, including generous circulation zones and wet areas, and larger than usual bedrooms, living, dining and kitchen areas.

The two houses maintain a setback to Rosamond Rd that is consistent with the adjoining properties and this setback provides the opportunity to utilise existing and new planting creating a landscape setting for the houses when viewed from Rosamond Rd. A two storey form is proposed fronting Rosamond Rd however the bulk of the form is visually reduced by the use of brick to the ground floor facade and wall cladding of metal roofing to the upper level. The metal roofing material reduces the visual bulk and a gable pitched roof line provides a familiar silhouette and completes the attic like form. Ground and first floors facades are activated by openings facing towards Rosamond Rd with upper level windows providing passive surveillance of Rosamond Rd and a sense of the life inside the building.

  • Location; Maribyrnong, Victoria
  • Site Area; 750m2
  • Photographer; mcmahon and nerlich
  • Year; 2017