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elizabeth st warehouse is a contemporary officer conversion of a red brick warehouse building in the heart of the northern Melbourne CBD. Located next to our City Gable, the design maximises its impact on the streetscape through a considered reworking of the facade, creating a new and layered architectural language of recessed, protruding and sky-windows united by the black steel fames anchoring them to the facade.

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Polyglot is not corporate, it is not slick. It is not a shiny-cool-new-wall-ceiling-floor office fitout. Neither is it a normal warehouse conversion; curated heritage polished up alongside detailed contemporary intervention. Instead it is a true palimpsest, an insertion into a heritage space that through careful zoning and layout of a design parti enhances what is there with what has been added, achieving maximum impact on the tightest of budgets.

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This network of interconnecting pedestrian paths will be beautifully landscaped and can serves as a filter to ameliorate and transform the experience of moving between the buildings.

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The project explores characterful spaces, figured publically accessible and commercial spaces, working with found conditions, interesting material combinations, making urban connections, and urban impact.

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A few key gestures have transformed the house into a home of space, light and connectedness, transcending the sum of its parts

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… once hard-edged, playful, sophisticated and tough in its gritty urban context.

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The honesty and raw character of the existing steel and concrete structure and the generosity of the existing mid-twentieth century commercial space is maintained and enhanced by the new insertions….

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…the new design with three simple gestures of box, glazed wall and pergola provide a reinvigorated built form relationship for the motel to the street scape.

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