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garden house

The roof of the new pavilion appears to float above the linear form of the house, with highlight glazing on all sides bringing an abundance...

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Blue Ivy House

Blue Ivy House is a deep response to the design personality of the semi-retired clients, rejecting polite conservatism and instead reflecting their deep appreciation for...

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frame terrace

In addition to the grafted roof form, a conceptual device of layering and framing was developed to handle transitions, thresholds and views, inspired by the...

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two peaks studio

The design employs classic sustainable design formal and plan moves yet in an unmistakably contemporary manner; overhanging eaves, north-facing orientation, large north-facing glazing with pergola...

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two peaks house

the master-suite has been inspired by the client's love of antique furniture, with tiles creating a 'Persian Rug' effect covering the entire floor and seeing...

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skin-box house

This glazing, together with the central sliding door, a flush threshold and consistent floor treatments, dissolve the barrier between the living area and the garden....

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