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polyglot progress

polyglot progress

Following a very successful 40th Anniversary fundraising drive, work is in full swing on our Polyglot fitout! We have been welcomed into the Polyglot family over the last year – assisting with a fit-out for them at the Abbotsford Convent – and have witnessed first-hand the joy, excitement and creativity Polyglot brings to school kids of all backgrounds, where challenges and worries melt away in an accepting and vibrant kids artistic community. It is simply inspiring, and a privilege to witness.

Our trusty builders Sinjen are doing an excellent job as usual. Client, builder and architect are all madly progressing things in order to meet the ambitious construction deadline.

(We are also experimenting with the ‘before/after’ slider….a fun update to put together…check it our here .)

Stay tuned for more site images….