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Polyglot at Melbourne Open House

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Polyglot office is inclusive and fun. A range of spaces are crafted to foster creativity and welcome diverse personality types and ways of working.

Rob Nerlich

We are very excited to be part of Melbourne Open House this year, featuring Polyglot at the Abbotsford Convent. Check out the Melbourne Open House website, which describes the part Polyglot Theatre plays in the fabric of the historic, artistic and inclusive Abbotsford Convent precinct. We were privileged to be part of the office transformation for Polyglot Theatre during their 40th birthday year.

Polyglot offices provide a new home for a childrens Theatre Company specialising in children- led performance.

Contemporary insertions interact with refurbished heritage to create a true palimpsest. The generous former dormitory space, colourful timber screen, rugged timber flooring, windows and roof trusses are left untouched. Carefully considered interventions sit comfortably within the heritage fabric. Natural materials are combined with interior planting, harmonising with heritage timber elements. Workstations, tables and storage and seating were custom fabricated within the space to fit to the weathered fabric, extending craft traditions into the 21st century.

Five key elements order the space:

  • the heritage screen
  • the co-lab tables
  • the greenery
  • the polypod
  • the reading nookThe heritage screen curves away and main volume is revealed. Verdant plywood planter boxes screen open plan plywood workstations allowing for quiet individual working. The co- lab tables encourage small and large group collaboration. Beyond is the eye catching polypod – a playful and colourful boardroom. The discrete form opens to allow interconnections between spaces. Behind the pod is the reading nook, a comfortable space of quiet contemplation.Polyglot office is inclusive and fun. A range of spaces are crafted to foster creativity and welcome diverse personality types and ways of working.The project was awarded a Commendation in the commercial category of the 2018 Archi- Team Awards.

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