Design Studio at the MSD

living urban

living urban studio at the MSD.

This semester we are teaching again – a group of 16 students in the Masters of Architecture at the Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne. 

Previously in 2012-2013 we taught an urban school studio, located in Fishermens Bend and located on a site that later became the award-winning South Melbourne Primary School by Hayball architects.

Continuing our practice research on cities, this semester our studio is ‘living urban’.

Our focus is on;

  • design as research and experimentation
  • making better urban environments
  • fostering community
  • improving higher density housing
  • creative sustainability

Why an urban living studio? Population growth and migration of people to major centres makes urban living a necessity.

But higher density living is not just a necessity

Higher density living allows:

  • improved access to services

  • diversity of population

  • entertainment and hospitality options

  • shared facilites and ameinites

  • walkable cities

  • potential for more sustainable

  • lifestyle and developments